Introducing Juo: the modern toolkit for ecommerce subscriptions


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Introducing Juo, the team behind the most flexible and comprehensive toolkit for ecommerce subscriptions.


Over the last months we’ve been working (partially in stealth) on building the first versions of Juo, and never really had time to introduce ourselves properly. A leap day seems like the right time to catch up.

So — hello there, nice to see you here.

About Juo

We’re Juo, an EU-based tech startup. At Juo, we’re building software for companies that want to start offering and scaling next-gen subscription experiences for their customers (subscribers).

Our initial focus is on direct-to-consumer ecommerce businesses, but our goal is to make Juo components (in other words building blocks for subscriptions) applicable in any industry.

In the nearest future we want Juo to be everything merchants need to launch, grow, and scale subscriptions in their online stores.


Make building every subscription experience imagined possible.

We believe that in the following years the subscription business model will become extremely popular among direct to consumer brands. We want our software be a key part of enabling this shift.


Our goal is to build a complete toolkit of embeddable building blocks for subscriptions. We are fiercely committed to ensuring our web components are flexible, optimized, and reusable for developers, and beautiful and stylable for merchants.

Why this

Why subscriptions? The simple answer is that we like them and believe in their value. There’s something about subscriptions that has always appealed to us — that at its core, this model is honest and fair. It requires both sides of the table, the merchant and the subscriber, to get consistent — or growing — value over an extended period of time.

Also, subscriptions in ecommerce are particularly interesting because of their complexity. Unlike digital subscriptions, successful enablement of physical product subscriptions requires the integration and synchronization of multiple components such as stock management, recurring payments, notifications, discounts, and promotions, etc.

And if we add to it the specificity of ecommerce platforms, or even local user preferences regarding payment methods, we’re facing a quite complex and exciting challenge. And we are eager to take it on. We’ve built quite a bit already, but we have a long and exciting journey ahead of us.

Considering the unique aspects of ecommerce platforms and local user preferences for payment and shipping methods, we face a complex and exciting challenge. We are eager to take it on. While we have already made significant progress, there is still a long and thrilling journey ahead of us.

Why now

Subscription in ecommerce is booming. Thousands of merchants are introducing subscriptions to their offerings. However, as varied as the industries and products are, so are the specific requirements necessary to build efficient and customer-centric subscription processes and experiences.

Our team

Behind Juo there’s an experienced team of serial founders, product designers, and engineers with a strong passion for delightful user experiences, innovative design, and cutting edge technology. We’re serial product builders, with long-time experience in running subscription businesses or consulting in ecommerce.

Our founding team has a proven track record in the software space (incl. one exit). Most of us have worked together for years. Before Juo, we ran a user experience consultancy for ecommerce and built a self-driving conversion optimization tool (also for ecommerce). This last project taught us a lot about optimizing for front-end performance.

Our investors

Our team is backed by amazing investors and advisors. So far, we’ve raised 750k EUR pre-seed, led by Kogito Ventures and a group of business angels, including Piotr Smoleń, CEO of, Przemek Żebrowski, co-founder of K2, Marek Cygan, CTO of or Daniel Blumczyński, board member of PayU.

If you’d like to learn more on how we build, visit our changelog or documentation. To learn how to use our subscription toolkit in your business, schedule a demo. Or email us at [email protected] if you’d like to join us. Or simply just to say hi.