Hi, we’re Juo and we’re building the
ecommerce subscription technology.

Workflow-based subscription toolkit for modern ecommerce

All components needed to launch, run and scale ecommerce subscriptions, from accepting alternative payment methods to intentional renewals.


Building blocks to handle store‑specific needs


Individualize every single subscription cycle


API-first environment for those who need more

Juo platform combines the best merchant experience with an obsessive focus on amplifying lifetime value of subscribing customers.

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If you’re not using Juo Subscriptions, you’re already behind.

— Dan Whitehead

Founder, The Organic Protein Co.

New kind of subscription tech

The subscription model is exploding everywhere. Every industry is different, so the technology to enable this huge economical shift must be fast, flexible, dev- and merchant-friendly, and easy to implement.

The Juo subscription toolkit was built this way.

Key concepts that Juo is built on


Flexible building blocks to apply every subscription strategy.

No-code for merchants

Fast and super-easy integration with your ecommerce platform.

Ultra-fast on storefront

Uncompromized experience for customers and subscribers.

API / SDK for devs

For the most demanding cases or those who need custom magic.

Build every subscription
experience imagined

Everything you need to launch, grow, and scale subscriptions in your ecommerce.

Frequently asked questions

The team

Behind Juo is a senior team of founders, product designers, and engineers with a strong passion for delightful user experiences, innovative design, and technology. We’re serial product builders, many of us with previous experience in running subscription businesses or consulting in ecommerce.

Our team is backed by amazing investors and advisors, among whom are founders and executives of companies such as Delivery Hero, Allegro, Symmetrical, NoMagic, and PayU.

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