Experimentation layer for marketing and product teams

We’re building a modular, cross-channel experimentation platform that enables no-code setup, automated insight discovery, and collaboration.

Why we do
what we do

We believe in curiosity. It leads to discovery and is the driving force behind progress.

Being curious means looking for the answers and trying to understand things better.

It’s natural for pioneers, inquisitive forward-thinkers, innovators, and trailblazers.

For those constantly looking for ways to experiment, learn, understand, and evolve.

Experimentation is the natural expression of curiosity. It helps make new paths, learn what works, and get insights. It’s the core of discovery and innovation.

And it shouldn’t be limited by resources and technicalities.

We want to remove the obstacles between the curious teams and the answers to their questions.

Juo is currently in closed beta.


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The team

Behind Juo is a senior team of founders and curious problem solvers with a strong passion for discovery, delightful user experiences, innovative design, and technology.

As product designers that helped many great teams, we’ve been asking ourselves the questions that only experimentation would answer. We want to make this data-driven approach available to everybody.

Our team is backed by amazing investors and advisors.

By the way, we’re hiring — check out our open positions.
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