Email notifications

Email notifications


Emails that notify subscribers about subscription-related events.

Full definition

Email notifications are sent to inform subscribers about various events related to their subscriptions. These subscription-related events may occur one-time (e.g. purchase, cancellation), or repeatedly (e.g. renewal, payment) in the subscription lifecycle.

Merchants can set up their own email notifications for subscriptions manually or rely on notification email templates provided by their subscription app. In the latter case, they can usually customize as well as turn on or off each individual notification.

What types of email notifications are sent

Subscription-related notifications are sent whenever one of the following events or circumstances take place:

  • subscription purchased — subscription has been bought by the subscriber
  • subscription billed — payment for subscription has been registered
  • subscription renewal — subscription has renewed on schedule
  • subscription about to renew — subscription will renew shortly (in a few days)
  • subscription failed to renew — payment failed or other issues prevented subscription from renewing
  • subscription cancelled — subscription has been cancelled or expired
  • item out of stock — subscription contains out of stock items