Subscription renewal

Subscription renewal


Extending a subscription for another period.

Full definition

Renewal is an automatic or manual extension of an active subscription that causes a new subscription order to be placed. Renewal marks the beginning of a new subscription cycle and allows to keep the subscription for the length of that cycle (provided it’s not cancelled manually before the cycle ends).

Renewals only occur in subscriptions, subscription boxes, and memberships, which sets them apart from regular, one-time orders.

What are two types of subscription renewals

There are two types of renewal: automatic and manual.

Automatic renewals or auto-renewals allow for a subscription to be automatically renewed at the beginning of each subscription cycle. Thanks to that, a subscription will continue to be active and the subscriber will keep access to their subscription products or services without interruptions.

Manual renewals occur when a merchant or a subscriber renew a subscription in the Merchant Portal or Customer Portal manually, usually in the middle of a subscription cycle. The subscription then renews immediately, resetting the billing cycle to start on the manual renewal date.