Customer Portal

Customer Portal


Space for customers to manage their subscriptions.

Full definition

Customer Portal is a space for subscription customers where they can safely access and manage their subscriptions on any device, independently of their ecommerce client account. Upon logging in, subscribers can, for example, speed up the next delivery, swap the items in their subscription, pause their subscription, etc.

What can subscribers do in the Customer Portal

There are different management actions available for subscribers in the Customer Portal, largely depending on the capabilities of the subscription tool implemented.

Some possible actions:

  • skip next order — to renew a subscription one cycle later
  • pause subscription — to temporarily pause new orders from billing and shipping
  • resume subscription — to reactivate a subscription after a pause
  • cancel subscription — to permanently end a subscription
  • add more items to subscription — to increase the volume of the next order or all subsequent subscription orders
  • remove items from subscription — to reduce the number of items in a subscription
  • swap items in subscription — to replace selected products or variants with different ones
  • cross-sell to subscription — to provide contextual product suggestions for subscribers to increase their orders