Merchant Portal

Merchant Portal


Space for merchants to set up and manage subscriptions.

Full definition

Merchant Portal is a platform for merchants where they can set up different types of subscription offers and overview their performance, as well as add and adjust subscription management UI to their storefronts.

What is Merchant Portal for

Merchant Portal gives merchants access to multiple subscription setup and management possibilities. Although the scope of the actions will depend on the subscription tool that is installed, most tools should allow merchants to:

  • set up subscribe and save offers
  • manage existing subscriptions and subscribers
  • overview the subscription performance
  • add and adjust the subscription widget
  • adjust and turn on / off email notifications
  • adjust management actions available to subscribers
  • adjust the look and feel of the Customer Portal
  • integrate their subscription app with other, relevant tools

More advanced subscription tools may offer additional possibilities in the Merchant Portal, such as: setting up and managing subscription boxes, setting up dynamic boxes, setting up memberships, or offering tiered discounts.